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How to Prepare for Your Session with a Burien WA Headshot Photographer

Stepping in front of a camera for a headshot session can often be an overwhelming experience for some. The anxiety of looking just right, the stress of capturing the perfect expression, and the pressure of making a lasting impression can all add up. 

As a Burien WA headshot photographer, Crain Photography understands these concerns. We’ve seen firsthand how these feelings can intimidate individuals preparing for their headshot session.

However, with the proper guidance and preparation, a headshot session can transform from an overwhelming task into a smooth and enjoyable experience. Crain Photography is committed to making this transformation a reality for you. 

Apart from taking photos, we create a setting where you can be your authentic self, free from stress and filled with confidence. Moreover, we’ll share some practical tips on how you can prepare for your headshot session, helping you look and feel your best.


When it comes to clothing for your headshot session, simplicity is indeed key. Solid colors work best as they draw attention to your face, serving as a canvas for your features rather than competing with them. It’s preferable to avoid busy patterns or logos as they can be distracting and take the focus away from you.

Additionally, consider bringing a few different outfits to your session. This provides variety in your headshots and gives you the opportunity to represent various aspects of your personality or brand. Whether it’s a formal suit for a corporate look or a casual shirt for a more relaxed vibe, having options allows for flexibility and creativity in your session.

Makeup and Hair

For makeup, the goal is to enhance your features without overshadowing them. A natural look works best for headshots, highlighting your features without making your makeup the center of attention. It’s about looking like the best version of yourself, not someone else.

In terms of hairstyling, select a style that provides comfort and accurately reflects your personality. If you plan to get a haircut or try a new hairstyle, do it a few days before the session to allow it to settle and for you to get comfortable with it. Your hair should complement your look, not complicate it.


A positive mindset is indeed crucial for a successful headshot session. Keep in mind that the goal is to capture your personality and authenticity. It’s not just about looking good but feeling good and being yourself.

So, relax, be yourself, and let your personality shine through. A headshot session is an opportunity to express yourself and let your individuality take center stage. Embrace the experience, trust the process, and, most importantly, enjoy it. After all, your energy and attitude can significantly influence the outcome of your headshots.

How We Guide You

As your trusted Burien WA headshot photographer, Crain Photography provides a comprehensive and personalized experience. Our process is designed to guide you through every step of the headshot session, ensuring that you feel supported and confident throughout.

From the initial consultation, we take the time to understand your needs, preferences, and goals. This allows us to provide tailored advice on clothing and makeup that will best suit your personal brand and the image you want to portray. We recognize that these elements play a crucial role in creating a headshot that truly represents you.

In this consultation, we also present you with a variety of headshot photography packages designed to accommodate a wide range of requirements and budgets. This lets you choose the package that aligns most closely with your needs, ensuring you receive the best possible headshots for your investment.

When it comes to the actual session, we strive to establish a relaxed and comfortable environment. We understand that being in front of the camera can be intimidating for some, and we aim to make the process as enjoyable and stress-free as possible. Our experienced photographer guides you through different poses and expressions, capturing a variety of shots that showcase your personality and professionalism.

After the session, we meticulously choose and refine the best of the photos, ensuring they meet our high standards of quality.

In essence, our approach is centered around you. As we take your photos, we’re helping you create a powerful tool for your personal brand. You’re in good hands with Crain Photography. 

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Conclusion: Your Headshot, Your Brand

Preparing for a headshot session doesn’t have to be stressful. With the right preparation and guidance, it can be an enjoyable experience that results in professional headshots that truly represent you. 

As a Burien WA headshot photographer, Crain Photography is here to guide you through this process and help you put your best face forward.

Ready to transform your personal brand with professional headshots? Contact us to book your session. 

Start your journey with Crain Photography today.

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