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Andrew Crain Appointed President of Professional Photographers of Washington


Andrew Crain’s Expertise and Passion for Photography Set to Steer the Organization into a New Era The Professional Photographers of Washington (PPW) has recently announced the appointment of Andrew Crain as its new President. Andrew, the founder and lead photographer of Crain Photography, has long been a prominent figure in the Washington photography scene. With […]

Seasonal Considerations for Your Headshot Photography Packages

Headshots of the SODO Plumbing Team by Crain Photography

Timing is a crucial element in professional photography. The choice of time of day or season can significantly influence the outcome. Hence, you must consider the season before choosing your headshot photography packages and scheduling your photo shoot.  Each season brings its own unique lighting, ambiance, and potential backdrops, all of which can impact the […]

Headshot Photography Packages: Studio vs. On-Location Shoots

Headshots of Deane Home Services by Crain Photography

One of the first decisions you’ll need to make regarding headshot photography packages is whether to opt for a studio shoot or an on-location shoot. This choice is more than just a matter of preference—it can impact everything from the look and feel of your headshots to the overall experience of the photo shoot.  Both […]

Headshot Photography Packages for Different Industries: What to Expect

Headshot of Karen Goon by Crain Photography

In the vibrant city of Seattle, a diverse range of professionals thrive in various industries. Each of these industries, from tech startups to creative arts, has its unique demands when it comes to personal branding. One such demand is the need for Seattle professional headshots.  Crain Photography recognizes this need and the diversity it brings. […]

Why Invest in Professional Headshot Photography Packages?


In the bustling business landscape of Seattle, projecting the right image is crucial. Oftentimes, the first point of contact potential clients have with you is through your online presence, and that’s where headshot photography packages play a pivotal role. The Value of Professional Headshots In today’s digital age, a professional headshot is more than just […]

Why Your Business Needs a Burien WA Headshot Photographer

Headshot of Cory Ertel for Seattle Southside Chamber and Boeng

In today’s digital age, the importance of a professional headshot for your business cannot be overstated. As a Burien WA headshot photographer, Crain Photography understands the value that a high-quality headshot brings to your business. The Power of a Professional Headshot A professional headshot is a photograph that’s also a visual handshake, the first point […]

Transform Your Online Presence with a Burien WA Headshot Photographer


It’s the digital age, and your online presence is more important than ever. It’s the first impression you make on potential clients, employers, and colleagues.  What better way to make a powerful first impression than with a professional headshot? As a Burien WA headshot photographer, we at Crain Photography understand the impact a professional headshot […]

How to Prepare for Your Session with a Burien WA Headshot Photographer

How Prepare Session Burien WA Headshot Photographer

Stepping in front of a camera for a headshot session can often be an overwhelming experience for some. The anxiety of looking just right, the stress of capturing the perfect expression, and the pressure of making a lasting impression can all add up.  As a Burien WA headshot photographer, Crain Photography understands these concerns. We’ve […]

How a Burien WA Headshot Photographer Can Enhance Your Personal Brand

Headshot of Max Gitelman by Crain Photography for Seattle Soutside Chamber

In the world of personal branding, a picture is worth more than a thousand words. It’s worth connections, opportunities, and success. As a Burien WA headshot photographer, Crain Photography understands the power of a professional headshot in shaping your personal brand. The Role of Headshots in Personal Branding A professional headshot is an indispensable component […]

Expand Your Network with Authentic Seattle Headshots for Business

World Relief Team Portraits by Crain Photography

In the fast-paced and interconnected business world, making a lasting impression is more crucial than ever. One key aspect that has gained prominence in recent years is the role of professional headshots.  As we navigate Seattle’s thriving business landscape, we understand the significance of visually appealing and authentic representations in making meaningful connections. Crain Photography […]

Guide to Crafting a Successful Professional Headshot in Seattle

Guide Crafting Successful Professional Headshot Seattle

The importance of a compelling professional headshot in Seattle, where individuality thrives, cannot be overstated. It’s the first impression you make on potential employers, clients, or collaborators.  Seattle’s unique blend of tech innovation and artistic spirit sets the stage for headshots beyond the ordinary. Crain Photography has mastered the art of capturing the essence of […]