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Andrew Crain Appointed President of Professional Photographers of Washington

Andrew Crain's Expertise and Passion for Photography Set to Steer the Organization into a New Era

The Professional Photographers of Washington (PPW) has recently announced the appointment of Andrew Crain as its new President. Andrew, the founder and lead photographer of Crain Photography, has long been a prominent figure in the Washington photography scene. With his wealth of experience and passion for the craft, Andrew is poised to usher the organization into a new era of growth and influence.

Andrew Crain's Background

Born and raised in Washington, Andrew Crain discovered his passion for photography at a young age. He pursued his love for the art form, eventually earning a degree in Photography from the prestigious Brooks Institute in California. After completing his studies, Andrew returned to his home state, where he launched Crain Photography.

Over the years, Crain Photography has earned a reputation for its exceptional work in various photography niches, including Seattle headshots, weddings, and commercial projects. The studio’s signature style combines a keen eye for detail, a creative use of lighting, and an ability to capture the essence of the moment. It is this unique blend of technical skill and artistic vision that has made Andrew Crain a respected figure in the photography world.

Andrew's Involvement with the Professional Photographers of Washington

Andrew Crain’s involvement with the Professional Photographers of Washington dates back to the early days of his career. As a young photographer, he sought out the PPW for its networking opportunities, educational resources, and support for local photographers. Over the years, Andrew has played an active role within the organization, serving on various committees and even as a board member.

As a staunch advocate for the importance of professional development, Andrew has participated in and led numerous workshops and seminars for the PPW. His commitment to education and his willingness to share his knowledge and experience with others have made him a cherished member of the organization.

The Appointment of Andrew Crain as President

The decision to appoint Andrew Crain as the new President of the PPW was met with widespread enthusiasm from the photography community in Washington. Andrew’s peers recognized his dedication to the organization and the wealth of experience he brings to the table. As a respected figure in the industry, Andrew is uniquely qualified to lead the PPW into the future.


In his new role, Andrew will be responsible for overseeing the strategic direction of the organization, working closely with the board of directors to ensure the continued growth and success of the PPW. Among his top priorities are increasing membership, expanding educational opportunities, and fostering a greater sense of community among Washington photographers.

Andrew's Vision for the Future of the PPW

Andrew Crain has a clear vision for the future of the Professional Photographers of Washington. Under his leadership, the organization will focus on three key areas: education, community, and advocacy.


Andrew firmly believes that education is the cornerstone of professional growth for photographers. As such, he plans to expand the PPW’s current educational offerings, including workshops, seminars, and mentorship programs. Additionally, Andrew is looking to collaborate with industry leaders and experts to bring new perspectives and knowledge to the organization.


One of Crain’s core values is the importance of a strong, supportive community. He envisions the PPW as a hub for photographers in Washington, providing opportunities for collaboration, networking, and the sharing of ideas. To achieve this, Crain plans to organize more social events and increase engagement through social media and other digital platforms.


Andrew recognizes the need to advocate for photographers’ rights and interests, both within Washington and on a national level. As President of the PPW, he intends to work closely with lawmakers, industry organizations, and the photography community to promote policies and initiatives that support the growth and success of professional photography.

Andrew Crain’s appointment as President of the Professional Photographers of Washington marks an exciting new chapter for the organization. With his expertise in various photography niches, including Seattle headshots, weddings, and commercial projects, and his commitment to education, community, and advocacy, Andrew is set to lead the PPW into a promising future.

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