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Burien WA Headshot Photographer Shares 12 Best Poses for Professional Headshots

Are you searching for a skilled Burien WA headshot photographer to capture professional headshots that make you stand out? Do you seek “affordable headshots near me”? Look no further, as Crain Photography is here to meet your needs.

We not only offer stunning headshots but also provide invaluable tips on achieving the perfect poses for your photo session. We’re your one-stop solution for affordable professional headshots.

12 Best Headshot Poses for Professional Headshots

1. The Classic Pose with a Smile

A genuine smile can be used for any occasion and purpose. It radiates kindness and amiability. When you choose Crain Photography as your Burien WA headshot photographer, we’ll guide you to achieve a natural, heartfelt smile.

2. Your Arms Crossed

For executives, crossing your arms can exude confidence, power, and leadership. We recommend a subtle smile to add a friendly touch to your professional headshot.

3. Chin Resting on Your Hand

This pose is perfect for business headshots, projecting thoughtfulness and wisdom. Crain Photography will help you find the most natural hand position and ensure your eyes captivate the camera.

4. Hands on Hips

Radiate energy and diligence with this pose. It’s ideal for professional headshots, especially if you want to showcase command.

5. Leaning Against the Wall

Our outdoor headshot poses allow you to display your candid personality. Simply relax and lean against a clean, tidy wall—an excellent choice for social media bloggers.

6. Looking Over the Shoulder

This pose is ideal for actors and models. It draws focus to your eyes and facial expression, making it crucial to have expressive eyes. Our professional Burien WA headshot photographer knows how to capture the perfect shot.

7. Your Hands Near Your Face

For modern female professionals, this pose oozes charm. Crain Photography will help you nail this pose and capture attention. It is especially suited for actors, models, and social media influencers.

8. Framing the Face

This is a fantastic pose for women. Create a frame for your face with your hands. Doing so accentuates your facial beauty, and our Burien WA headshot photographer knows how to achieve this look.

9. Slightly Raised Hand

For a more natural look, slightly raise one hand and touch your head. It’s an ideal pose for professional headshots, and we’ll ensure it appears effortless.

10. Seated and Relaxed

Sitting with confidence and openness is perfect for both professional and modeling headshots. Our guidance will help you make this pose look natural and inviting.

11. Head Forward, Chin Down

A strong jawline is crucial for professional headshots. Our Burien WA headshot photographer will guide you on the perfect chin angle, ensuring you exude confidence and respect.

12. Standing Still

Static beauty speaks volumes for professional headshots. Let us help you maintain a natural and comfortable stance to showcase your energy and reliability.

Choose Crain Photography as Your Burien WA Headshot Photographer

Crain Photography is dedicated to making your professional headshots genuinely outstanding. As your trusted Burien WA headshot photographer, we offer affordable headshots and expert guidance on the perfect poses. We’ll make your headshot session a memorable and enjoyable experience, leaving you with headshots that stand out from the crowd.

Make the right choice for your professional headshots with Crain Photography. Contact us today!

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