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Burien WA Headshot Photographer’s Tips for a Successful Insurance Agency Photo Shoot

As you gear up for the coming new year and prepare to update your insurance agency’s image and team member’s headshot, we understand the excitement and importance of securing a Burien WA headshot photographer for your annual photo shoot.

Crain Photography recognizes that being photographed can be daunting for many, especially in business-related photography. We believe the main reasons for this apprehension are often tied to a lack of preparation, understanding, and involvement.

We’re here to ensure that every member of your team is not only excited about the photoshoot but also understands the potential for great marketing it offers. To that end, we’ve compiled five tips to help you organize, plan, and execute your best photoshoot while representing your agency’s unique brand.

1. Have a Vision

Before diving into your photoshoot, it’s essential to have a clear vision in mind. Start by creating a survey and sending it to your team at least 45 days before the scheduled date. In this survey, ask questions about your brand, emotions, moods, colors, and more. Encourage your team to describe the type of photos that they believe will best represent your agency.

To ignite inspiration, suggest using platforms like Pinterest to search for three images that resonate with your team’s vision of the agency. This exercise will also help determine the appropriate wardrobe, ensuring that your team’s attire aligns with your agency’s image.

Come together as a team to discuss the survey results. Collaborate to identify common themes or ideas and solidify your agency’s vision for the photoshoot.

2. Pick a Location

Selecting the right location is crucial, as it should mirror your agency, community, and customers. Depending on your agency’s nature, you may use your office, bringing props and backdrops to create unique and engaging photos.

If your agency is deeply rooted in the community, consider using local spots like a coffee shop or a favorite diner. Alternatively, if you’re situated in the town center, showcase the local shops and community parks. Consult your team and gather input on locations that resonate with your audience.

3. Choose A Burien WA Headshot Photographer Who Understands Your Vision

When selecting a Burien WA headshot photographer for your photoshoot, it’s imperative to find someone who comprehends your agency’s identity, client base, and the vision you’ve developed. Crain Photography can support you in translating your agency’s essence into stunning visuals.

4. Prioritize Grooming

To ensure you come across as your authentic self in the photos, consider grooming aspects. Ladies, we encourage you to embrace the level of glam you’re comfortable with, including hair and makeup. For the gentlemen, ensure you look sharp with a fresh haircut and well-groomed facial hair.

These seemingly superficial steps can significantly boost your team’s confidence in front of the camera. Sometimes, you might even consider hiring a beauty and grooming crew for that extra touch of finesse.

5. Create a Schedule for The Day of the Photoshoot

Details are critical to a successful photoshoot. It’s essential to remain on schedule for your Burien WA headshot photographer and staff. If you have specific shots in mind, create a list and check them off as you progress through the day. While unforeseen circumstances may arise, try to maintain a well-planned schedule. Allow room for short breaks, staying hydrated, and enjoying some nourishment.

Most importantly, remember to have fun! Your photoshoot is a fantastic opportunity to unite your team and promote your agency’s brand.

Bring Your Agency’s Vision to Life

Your search for “affordable headshots near me” is over. Crain Photography is your ideal choice for a Burien WA headshot photographer. We’re here to ensure your insurance agency’s image is polished, professional, and affordable.

Contact us today! Let’s bring your vision to life through stunning headshots that represent your agency in the best possible way.

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